In the last three decades 418 talented young professionals and over 200 international companies have benefited from their association with the Prince Albert Fund.  Find out how the Fund has contributed to their personal career development and international business expansion, as they share with us their experiences below.

Find out more about what a Prince Albert assignment can look like through our alumni testimonials

Find out more about what a Prince Albert assignment can look like through our alumni testimonials


Elke De Witte

LynxCare - United States

Coming from the academic world, the project has opened new doors for me. In the future, I want to bring my academic and industry knowledge together to

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Koen Vandepaer

Beeple - United States

This mission has been an eye-opener, in that it gave me a good insight in a number of new professions and gave me a much better idea of the job I want

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Manu Uylenbroeck

Decospan - United States

Thanks to the Prince Albert Fund, I have gained an operational and commercial experience in a whole new product market.

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Chloé Thevelin

Neuhaus - Japan & China

What is so great about the Prince Albert Fund is that you also join a very dynamic community.

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Jennifer Swertvaegher

AGC Glass Europe - Ivory Coast, Ghana, Senegal, Angola

This project has opened a new career path for me. I feel that I now have all the tools in hand to make a reasoned decision about my future career.

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Pieter-Jan Sonck

Le Pain Quotidien - United States

I had the pleasure of working with a lot of people who were experienced in the field of strategic turnaround projects.

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Antoine Smets

Cubigo - United States

Exposure to many different experiences, across different industries, roles and countries is key to develop a fulfilling international career.

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Jonathan de Smet

Lhoist - Chile

For the first time ever, the way I resolve daily problems has huge implications on a balance sheet.

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Jonathan Lambregs

Tiger Power - Uganda

This hands-on experience was the best training I could have ever imagined to strengthen some of my talents.

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Laurent Huenaerts

Unifly - United States

I was eager to further develop my entrepreneurial skills and I was not disappointed!

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Marie Herman

Casibeans - Tanzania and Ethiopia

This year allowed me to move from ideas to reality.

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Katrien Herdewyn

AGC Glass Europe - United States

My expectations, although already pretty high, were far exceeded. The project is more than moving, living and working abroad!

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Katrien Haegeman

LC Packaging - South Africa

Experiencing the macroeconomic consequences of politics first-hand has shown me how interconnected our world truly is.

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Lisa Dewulf

Greenyard Fresh - India

I guess this experience was the best MBA I could imagine!

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Junior-James Cuigniez

La Lorraine Bakery Group - Colombia

I am honored and grateful for the support of the Prince Albert Fund, as it has given me a priceless opportunity in international business

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Jasmien Coolen

EnergyVision - China

One of my main goals when I embarked on the Prince Albert Fund adventure was to enter a fast-evolving industry such as energy technology and gain an i

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Isabelle Cammaert

Puratos - United States

This project has stimulated my sense of entrepreneurship. It made me less risk averse, I needed to make it happen and deliver concrete results!”

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Andries Brys

Barco - United States

Not only have I re-skilled and rebranded myself, but I am also better prepared for the challenges in the digital economy

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Vitaline Bouckaert

Unilin - Australia and New-Zealand

This project increased my confidence, enabling me to make decisions and realize that nothing is crystal clear in the business world, you have to take

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Eva Willemen

De Halve Maan - Brazil

I learned that my main source of motivation was constant learning and working with inspiring people.

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Jens Verhiest

LuckyCycle - United States

My experience is a great asset on my résumé, especially as I am interested in working in innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Charlotte Verhaeghe

Novecare - United States

The project ticked all the boxes, meeting all the criteria I had set for myself and helped me identify my true passions and strengths.

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Sébastien Heris

Ecorem - Vietnam

I have gained insights about how to deliver high value to customers, and manage relationships with very important stakeholders.

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Michel De Landsheere

Unilin - China

By living and working in an environment that is completely out of your comfort zone such as China, you develop soft skills...

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Lauren Buysschaert

Tao Family - United States

Working on your own and being the only representative in a new market is definitely an entrepreneurial experience on the field, and a real challenge.

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Lynn Bonné

UCB- China

I now feel much more at ease developing project plannings, motivating project teams, working towards deadlines and engaging with stakeholders.

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Stephanie Luyten

Puratos - Hong Kong

I believe I developed strong skills during the project, mostly because of the company’s values and the geographic location of my role.

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Yannick Schuermans

twikit - United States

I’m much better prepared for starting up my own business because of my Prince Albert Fund experience.

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Bart Schaerlaekens

Cubigo - United States

Applying for the Prince Albert Fund was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.

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Jan-Carl Dewulf

GuardSquare - United States

I have come to strongly appreciate the spirit of entrepreneurship and courage it takes to start up a new company.

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Adriaan De Geyter

Umicore - Japan

The Prince Albert Fund project allowed me to gain substantial knowledge in international business, working for a large and successful Belgian company.

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Julie Daled

neoScores - United States

The project allowed me to improve my business development skills and inspired me to pursue a career at the intersection of technology and creativity.

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Kaat De Sutter

Greenpan - Hong Kong

“This project transformed me into a full project manager. I became more pro-active, more creative and flexible.”

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Annabel Van Orshoven

Durabilis - Burkina Faso

“I learned to take ownership of my decisions and take the consequences if things go wrong.”

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Caroline Kindermans

Ageas - Hong Kong

“I experienced the challenges of working with partnerships in countries across Asia first-hand.”

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Rutger Callewier

Decospan - New York

“I became more self-aware and got to know myself better during my Prince Albert Fund project.”

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Louis Hoet

DEME - Singapore

“I have come across people and situations that I feel have made me a better person.”

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Stephanie Tang

Newtree - San Francisco

“Spending one year in San Francisco exposed me to new business concepts and innovative working methods.”

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Charles van Haverbeke

Zentrick - New York

“I had the privilege of experiencing a real start-up from up close, including the successes and pitfalls.”

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Michiel Van Hooreweder

Materialise - Malaysia

“Looking back at my project, I’m happy to see the immense learning curve I had.”

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Bernard Vinckier

Sibelco - Thailand

“I already had the opportunity to work abroad before my Prince Albert Fund project, but thanks to the grant, I had the chance to work for a great comp

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Ruben Donceel

Nguvu Utilities - Rwanda

“I’ve learned to develop a business in a different culture, but also learned what it means to live in this culture.”

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Sebastiaan Vanhecke

Cardwise / Xpenditure - São Paulo

Challenging, entrepreneurial, intense, … my project had it all

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Stefaan Vandooren

Unilin - South-East Asia.

For me, the Prince Albert Fund project was an opportunity to put things into perspective and to confirm my passion and strength.

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Jerome Vandegeerde

Schreder - China

The cultural training of the Prince Albert Fund is of utmost importance because to succeed you must understand the people and the environment.

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Kristel Van den Bergh

Materialise - China

The Prince Albert Fund exceeded my expectations in terms of development, both on a personal and professional level.

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Floriane Uyttenhove

Lhoist - Malaysia

I have now the confirmation that the “heavy industry” and especially Mining / Minerals is a sector that really interests me.

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Benjamin Praet

Origis Energy - Chile

The experience, the new skills as well as meeting new people paved the way for many new professional opportunities that I didn’t have before the proje

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Lauren Peeters

IMDC - Bangkok

One of the main reasons I applied for the Prince Albert Fund programme was to sharpen my strategic skills.

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Marie-Amélie Lenaerts

Durabilis - Guatemala

Receiving complete autonomy on a project was both challenging and exciting”

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Pieter Josson

iMinds - USA

This experience clearly demonstrated the potential knowledge and guidance you can receive from your network to me.

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Caroline Houben

UCB Biopharma - Brazil

The Prince Albert Fund gave me the opportunity to further develop my management skills.

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Karolien Claes

Materialise - Malaysia

I expected this year to be a practical MBA, and I really do think that this is true.

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Stijn De Keyser

Barco - Hong Kong

My project has significantly increased my knowledge of emerging economies, more specifically Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines.

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Laurent De Smedt

Univeg - Argentina

In terms of management skills, I made a great leap forward in Argentina.

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Stefaan Cortebeeck

Materialise - Malaysia

This project has given me more insight and understanding in a promising high value technology, namely 3D printing, especially in the high value medica

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Jessica Blondeel

Puratos Corporation - USA

This Prince Albert Fund experience has taught me to think out of the box, multitask, be proactive and considerate of my colleagues and customers.

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Pieter-Jan Baert

Umicore - India

The Prince Albert Fund project gave me the opportunity to demonstrate my attitudes and mindset for approaching challenges to a potential employer.

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Pauline Van der Eecken

Stevia One - Peru

By taking full responsibility for my project, I was able to further enhance my leadership, business and management skills.

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Nicolas Tsurukawa

Urban Crop Solutions - Japan

I feel that I moved from the category of ‘high potential’ professional to that of ‘high added-value’ professional.

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Maxime Pecsteen

Brussels Beer Project - Japan

l learnt a lot about the craft beer industry and the Japanese market and developed negotiation skills and a strong sense of responsibility.

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Gauthier Meessen

UCB China - China

This was a challenging albeit very rewarding assignment, which I was very proud to successfully contribute to.

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Louis-Philippe Lammertyn

Hinicio - Colombia

Moving from a consulting project manager position to managing the tasks of a “mini-enterprise” was a very interesting learning experience.

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Charlotte Feryn

Proceedix - United States

I now know how difficult it is to penetrate a market without a network of college alumni and former colleagues to rely on.

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Pieter De Smedt

Urban Crop Solutions - United States

I have discovered doors to new opportunities I did not even know existed. My life and career have changed tremendously as a result.

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Julie Capiau

Greenyard Fresh - Colombia and Peru

I learned a lot about European consumers, which completely changed my personal consumption. I became much more sustainable and socially responsible.

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Hans Vander Velpen

Korys - Brazil

During my project, I learned how to manage and chase a business opportunity on every level.

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Marieke Van Roosbroeck

Cartamundi - Singapore

Gathering qualitative information was easy. Translating it into a quantitative model proved more challenging.

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Lore Dirick

DataCamp - United States

I built an extremely valuable network in the fast-growing and booming data science industry.

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Wouter Debeyne

TomTom - India & The Middle East

Thanks to the Prince Albert Fund, I learned how to investigate and address business opportunities, both in Dubai and India.

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Tommy Braet

De Halve Maan - Mexico

While the project only lasted a year, I feel like I gained a lifetime experience.

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Pieter Wilmots

Unilin bvba - USA

During his mission to Atlanta, Georgia he did business development for the Belgian company Unilin.

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Jean louis Van Marcke

Stow - China

20 years ago, Jean Louis wanted to set up his own company. In China he set up a manufacturing plant.

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Julie Abraham

CBR Cimenteries - China

Coming back to Belgium, her experience in China helped her career by giving her the legitimisation she needed to confirm her position as CEO.

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Francis Ottevaere

ABN Amro - India

In India, Francis discovered, the simplest things can become very complicated.

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Nicolas Greant

Waterleau - Hong Kong

Thanks to his Prince Albert Fund project, Nicolas learned how to do things on the field.

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Koen Decourt

Econation - South Africa

“The Prince Albert Fund gives a boost to your professional career by building your network and opening a lot of doors."

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Jasmine De Clerck

UCB Pharma - India

In India she investigated several back office services, to see what could be outsourced.

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Nicolas Geuens

DBA Groupe - USA

Abroad, he learned how to work with different cultures, even within the Western world, and how to conduct business in a different language.

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Michiel De Potter

Etex Group - Malaysia

Michiel learned how to use Kuala Lumpur as a transport hub for the entire Asia Pacific Region.

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Peter Desutter

Vermedia Pharma - Russia

Working in two different countries, as a Brand, Sales, Marketing and Project Manager is a lot. But not for Peter Desutter!

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